Health & Fitness for Women

Supporting women to become the best version of themselves. Helping women find strength on their journey through motherhood, the menopause and beyond.

Health & Fitness for Women

Supporting women to become the best version of themselves. Helping women find strength on their journey through motherhood and beyond.

UPDATE: As I am returning to full health after long-covid I am offering some classes from my studio in Girton and at Storey’s Field Centre. If you would like to be added to the wait list to hear about these sessions first, please click here.

Pregnancy| Postnatal |Peri & Post menopausal | Pelvic floor and core rehab | Diastasis | C-section recovery | Massage | Scar Massage | Barre | On Demand workouts

I’m Nikki, a mother, Women’s Wellness Coach and owner of OptiMum P.T. in Cambridge.
I first started working in the fitness industry in 2000 after finishing my degree in Dance Performance. Sports and fitness have always been my passion, so after working as a dancer it felt like a natural progression to move into Personal Training. I worked with clients one to one and as a manager in several studios in London. I instructed classes from Spinning to Body Balance and couldn’t get enough! After 7 years of teaching back to back classes and clients, my body became fatigued and so I decided I needed a change. I retrained as a PE and Dance teacher with an aim to inspire children to look after their bodies and find joy in movement.

Our health, fitness & wellbeing services:

At OptiMum I offer a variety of services all aimed towards improving the health and fitness of women. Whether you are pregnant, have given birth or are now heading towards the menopause I can help you.

I offer in person, as well as online classes and programmes for:

  • New mums
  • Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Women wanting to improve their diastasis (tummy gap) function
  • Women recovering from c-section or hysterectomy
  • Women who are peri-post menopausal
  • Busy women who can’t make live classes but don’t want to miss out on working out in their own time
  • All women who wish to bring some fun to their health and fitness regime

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Our client's say:

Feedback for HCR Everywoman

You are an incredible teacher and trainer. You have so much skill and knowledge that you generously share in abundance, but in a way that does not feel didactic or like you are superior. You deliver everything in such an holistic, kind, empathetic manner that makes me feel that I can achieve anything, but that if I cannot do it all today it is OK. You create an atmosphere of holistic wellbeing in your class that always leaves me feeling smiley and warm inside, but also stronger and really inspired to keep learning, training and growing.

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