Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Recti Healing

Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing programme


Who is the programme for?

If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti or feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor then our Diastasis Healing is the programme you’ve been waiting for.

Healing a Diastasis Recti is a WHOLE BODY ISSUE, it’s not just about exercise, it’s not just about the woman’s belly and it’s not just about the gap! A deep assessment is required to start with then a programme that focusses on nutrition for healing, the woman’s breathing strategy and postural alignment, all need to be considered BEFORE we apply exercise and load.  And our programme has been tried and tested by thousands of women and received rave reviews and rave RESULTS.  In Holistic Core Restore® our role is to deeply guide you in a process that will improve the way your belly looks, feels and works, rid yourself of backpain, reconnect to your Pelvic Floor so that you both FEEL and FUNCTION better.  Overall, we’re in the business of ‘bringing you back home to your body’!

1:1 for 6 weeks


Please get in touch for 1:1s

Sessions can be weekly or every 2 weeks live through zoom or in person at my studio in Girton.

Who is this programme for?

Any woman who has had a baby and now has poor connection of their core muscles, and a gap in their abdominal muscles.

This programme is dedicated to helping the client understand what’s happened. Knowing the Why’s and What’s matter A LOT!

This programme will help you connect the dots between your breathing, posture and possible back pain and Pelvic Floor dysfunction.

The programme begins with a core connection assessment and a soft tissue therapy session.

It’s a multi-phase programme where the exercises are progressed.  I am with you all of the way, ensuring your progress towards your goal and also that your route to success is adjusted as required. This programme is NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

You’re provided with all the exercise kit you need plus our UNIQUE Client Education Booklet to help you really understand the process and the facts about Diastasis Recti.

The programme has a strong focus on HEALING NUTRITION TOO! 100% .  We heal from the INSIDE OUT!  And I have simple but highly effective strategies for helping you get the specific nutrients required to heal your Diastasis into your diet easily and without fuss.

We employ ‘CAN DO’ strategies for helping you REST and DE-STRESS.  The high cortisol levels associated with the Post Natal period also retard healing and cause you to hold fat around your middle. This programme helps you to help yourself to not only a better looking belly but one that FUNCTIONS and supports your Pelvic, Core and overall health.



So, how does it work?

  • On application to Nikki to join the programme, you’ll be asked to complete our HCR Red Flag Pre-Screen to decide if this ‘conservative’ exercise-based programme is right for you or whether you need clinical attention.  If you’re a great fit…..
  • You’ll then speak with Nikki and go through a hands-on Pre-Screening which includes tests for your Core function so that we know where you are on your recovery journey and the programme can truly be tailored to your needs.
  • You’ll then be all set to attend for your first session where you’ll receive your HCR Client Education Booklet and the items of fitness kit required for the course.
  • Both homework and following the HCR Healing Nutrition Principles are an essential part of the puzzle and when followed will truly improve your results and the value you derive from the programme.  Nikki will guide you through these principles to help you find simple ways for you to make a big difference to how you support your health via eating ‘just real food’.
  • This programme runs for 6 sessions and and you will meet with Nikki once a week.
  • One or more of the sessions may include a massage and soft tissue work.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I do the sessions live online through zoom?

    Yes you can. If coming to the studio doesn’t work for you right now we can do the sessions live over zoom.

  • What if I can’t make a session?

    Sometimes life happens and you might not be able to make one of the sessions. As long as you give 24 hours notice we can rearrange the appointment and continue where we left off when we next meet. There will also be video workouts that you can do at home in between sessions.

  • Can I bring my children?

    You are very welcome to bring along your babies or young children to the sessions. However if it is possible for you to have the hour to yourself you will be able to focus much more easily and have some ‘you time’.

  • Is there parking?

    There is parking on my drive way or just outside the house on the road.

  • What do I need to bring?

    As we exercise in the session it is best to wear your workout clothes. We will exercise in barefoot. You will be given your educational booklet and kit bag in the first class that you will then need for each session.