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Exercising with your menstrual cycles

  Exercising with your menstrual cycles Do you workout with […]

Recovering from long covid

I wanted to write a little about my experiences of […]

Prolapse and why looking at tension might be the key to help

If you have been along to one of my pelvic […]

Overwhelming world

It’s such a discombobulating time we are having right now. […]

What do you do to boost your mood if you can’t exercise?

Everywhere we look we are being told how important it […]

What have I learnt about being a mum?

9 years ago today I entered motherhood with not a […]

Abdominal Scars

Is your pain linked to your scar?Have you ever considered […]

The price of our Health

So I got sent this link the other day, and […]

Mood boosting exercise

Focusing on our mental health this week and ways in […]

‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ Maya Angelou

This week I am focusing mostly on mental health. Having […]

Self care or Selfish- A mother’s dilemma

I’m sure you have seen the term self- care being […]

The peri/menopause and Osteoporosis

We all hear how important it is to look after […]


What is it?A pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is when 1 […]

Over-active Pelvic floor muscles

We are often told to do our kegels (pelvic floor […]

What is the Menopause?

How much do you know about the menopause apart from […]

The Menopause and Heart Health

The Menopause and Heart Health   The Menopause is a stage […]


How do we know we are in it?   Recently […]

The peri-menopause and exercise

Our body goes through big changes in the peri-menopause and […]