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Mood boosting exercise

Focusing on our mental health this week and ways in which we can help to feel better in our own heads.

Exercise and movement is a wonderful way for our brains to release those endorphins and give us a happy boost. When you are in the depths of feeling low, getting up and jumping on the trampoline probably isn’t the first thing you want to do. So why not start off with a walk, the mixture of fresh air, movement and a change of scenery can do wonders. 
Putting on your favourite music and dancing is also a fab mood booster, it is very hard to not feel happier when you dance. Lifting your gaze and opening up your body also helps. If things are getting a little too fraught in our house we often put on some music and have a little dance. The children love it too.

Trampolining is also super fun, although your pelvic floor needs to be strong and functioning well for you to do this. ( get in touch if you feel you could do with some help here).
I can’t help but smile when on the trampoline, i’m not sure whether it’s the motion or the fact I am taken back to feeling like a care free child!

Whatever way you like to move, choose that. The biggest hurdle is taking that first step and once you have, you will be so pleased you did.

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