The price of our Health

//The price of our Health

The price of our Health

So I got sent this link the other day, and yes it is real. It led to a big discussion with a physio and we were curious as to what drives some women to spend their money without question on luxuries/ necessities, but not always on their health. For example I know many women ( myself included) who don’t bat an eye lid paying ££ for a haircut and colour, having their nails done, eyebrows/eyelashes done, using mobile phones and going for a coffee and cake without questioning the cost. I’m sure these women won’t be spending £155 on a paperclip but…..Some wouldn’t hesitate to spend a few pounds on new shoes ( trainers for me) , going out for a tasty meal, a sneaky bottle of wine or paying for a number of clubs and events for their children to attend. Of course this is a big generalisation but I hope you get my drift. What is it then, that makes women hesitate to spend on their health? It is common that women will suffer with a health issue for a while ( I’m sure I heard it can be around 7 years recently) before seeking help!Surely without our health nothing else matters? Finding a well educated fitness/ health professional who has knowledge that will help you to feel better in yourself has no price? Do you ever hesitate at spending on your health?

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