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Check out our online memberships and find one that suits you. You can choose to subscribe or sign up to our 3 or 6 month one off memberships. You can also choose to rent a video for a month if that works better for you.

These workouts are designed for those of you who struggle to get to live classes or have limited time but still want to get moving with some pelvic floor friendly fitness.
The classes are designed for all levels of fitness and options are given to suit. The workouts have a focus on pelvic health and are predominantly low impact.

Pilates : Pilates involves the co-ordination of deep postural and stability muscles – combined with breathing, arm and leg movements, postural correction and flexibility. Scientific research shows Pilates can reduce pain and improve physical function, movement and wellbeing.

Barre: A workout that uses elements from ballet, pilates and body conditioning. You can choose from whole body workouts, upper body, lower body, core and stretch sessions. Classes starting at 15 minutes long to 1 hour sessions.

Heat: A Holistic Core Restore® Class. These are whole body workouts with a big emphasis on pelvic and core health. Circuit style workouts without the high impact. A follow on class from Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman pelvic floor and foundations.

You gain instant access to the workouts and can cancel any time.


OptiMum Monthly Membership

Most popular
£20 per month

This membership includes Pilates, Barre and Heat® workouts.  It also includes workshops, breath work videos, plus advice on pelvic health.  You will get regular check ins from myself, wellness advice and recipes in a private group inclusive in the membership site.

Heat® Membership

On Demand
£10 per month

This membership includes a library of all the Live Heat workouts since March 2020. It is perfect if you are unable to get to live classes but wish to continue with your pelvic floor friendly fitness sessions.

Barre and Pilates

On Demand
£10 per month

Recorded and live recorded workouts to choose from using various pieces of equipment including hand weights, resistance bands and a pilates ball.

Membership Options

Our Membership types:

If you are looking for extra motivation or have little time to get to a class our online workouts could be just what you need. These workouts are for busy women, mums, grannies and women going through peri-post menopause. With a big focus on pelvic health throughout these workouts are suitable for most women.


OptiMum Monthly Membership- SubscriptionOur all singing, all dancing, all inclusive membership

An all inclusive membership including Barre, Pilates and Heat® workouts. You will also have access to breath work videos, Release® workshops and pelvic floor health tips. You also have access to a private group with regular check ins from me, advice and tips on wellness through the platform.

If you are looking for a mixture of Barre, Pilates and Strength workouts to do at home then this is the one for you! With a mix of recorded and live recorded workouts you will have plenty to keep you going for a while!  For these workouts you will need a little kit, including resistance bands (both long and loop), hand weights ( both light and heavier) and a pilates ball/cushion.
You can unsubscribe at any time.

Pilates and Barre Membership- Subscription

What do you need?
Once you have become an On Demand member you can log in to your videos straight away.  The videos can be done at home, in the garden, wherever it works for you.

Some of the videos will use equipment, which will make the workout harder. A small loop band and /or a resistance band, hand weights ( filled water bottles will do!) and a pilates ball (a cushion will work).  All of these can be bought cheaply on Amazon, Decathlon, The physical Company or Physio room online. The exercises can be performed without them, but for the best results in terms of building strength the equipment helps.

Disclaimer: These exercises are suitable for most, as options are given. If you have been of ill health please get your Doctors permission before starting these videos. The workouts are not aimed towards pregnant or recently post natal women. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.
You can unsubscribe at any time.

HEAT® On Demand Membership- Subscription

A selection of live recorded and pre recorded workouts to do at any time that works for you. These workouts are all about hitting those fat loss markers whilst being mindful of the pelvic floor. Each workout uses equipment, either resistance bands ( long and loop), hand weights and a pilates ball. This membership is for those of you who have attended one of my Heat® classes and have filled out my health screening form.
You can unsubscribe at any time.


OptiMum 3 Month membership- One off membership

You will gain access to all our Barre and Heat® workouts, including breath work, Release® workshops and pelvic floor tips. You have access for 3 months.


Try one of our one off 4 week or 6 week Barre programmes below.

One fee with 3 months access. 

4 Week Beginner to intermediate Barre Programme

£15 3 months access

This 4 week programme includes two workouts a week to create new habits, build strength and improve your fitness levels.

6 week Barre Programme- Intermediate to advanced

£20 3 months access

A 6 week programme of Barre classes. 2 workouts a week with an additional optional session in week 6. This programme is suitable for someone who regularly workouts or has done Barre before.

Check out our on demand platform here

Sign up to one of our memberships for best value or rent a video or programme if this suits you better.

What my members think:

  • ‘I absolutely love Nikki’s classes, they are very well planned and she is great at motivating us all to challenge ourselves whilst providing options for lower or higher impact versions of each exercise. I highly recommend Optimum. I have attended Nikki’s Barre classes and subscribe for her online routines which I like to use when I cannot make a class in person and through holidays’.

  • ‘Nikki’s barre class is one of the highlights of my week! ✨ She makes it fun and cheerful and her positive energy is contagious!!’

  • ‘I absolutely recommend Nikki’s Barre classes’
  • ‘I love Nikki’s barre classes. The classes are fun (and usually challenging), and it definitely helps to build strength’.
  • ‘Nikki’s classes are fantastic. I have attended barre classes for two years, also the HEAT classes. I can highly recommend all these classes. I subscribe to her online classes so that I can work out at weekends and holidays or if I can’t make a class. I have attended many exercise classes in the past but never stuck at them as long as I have Nikki’s classes. I genuinely really enjoy them’.

  • ‘Wonderful, motivating classes from a knowledgeable lovely teacher! She gives options for different levels and provides a good mix of toning, strength, core work and energetic moves. Don’t worry if the idea of barre/ballet puts you off, this barre class is for everyone’.

‘You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost’

Martha Graham