Scar Massage

Scar Massage

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Abdominal Scar soft tissue therapy

Benefits of scar soft tissue therapy include:
* Greater pliability
* Decreased pain
* Improved connection
*Better range of movement
* Help with any stuckness and numbness
The impact of scar tissue is often underestimated or attention just given to the scar on the surface. The impact of a c section, hysterectomy and abdominal surgery can affect many areas of the body creating a feeling of being ‘stuck’ and discomfort when returning to normal life activities as well as exercise.


Every scar is very different and therefore every treatment is bespoke to you and your scar. Your first appointment we will talk about your scar, addressing any pain, dragging, discomfort, numbness, restricted range of movement and anything that concerns you about your scar.
The treatment itself is very delicate, very soft and actually rather calming. You’ll then be given a treatment plan with some self massage techniques to continue on with at home to continue the improvements in your scar.

This is a bespoke solution for the post c-section Mum, whether you had your baby in recent months, or some years ago. The scar tissue that comes with a c-section needs a special level of care to reduce and prevent adhesions, which for some mums can be the cause of pain, discomfort and tightness. And which can also have a knock on effect on other areas of the body (which may often seem unrelated) as well as on your core and pelvic floor function.

We’ll take our time to help you relax whilst soothing any aches, pains, restrictions, numbness, appearance or stiffness you’re experiencing.

Prior to our session I will deeply screen you, followed by a thorough check in upon arrival. At this point we’ll figure out what needs the most attention, sometimes working far away from your scar… sometimes very close or even on the scar. These specially acquired techniques help the body as a whole, not just at the location of your scar and often lead to the whole body feeling wonderful.

It is advised you invest in at least 3 treatments to benefit fully. I’d recommend putting your appointments every 3 weeks or if your scar has healed well perhaps a check in at 3 months later and then again 6 months later. A 10% discount is added if 3 are purchased together.

The prices include all the thorough pre screening, postural assessments, a lovely bespoke massage and any aftercare deemed useful to your overall wellness. Please note sessions expire after 90 days (including packages unless previously agreed). Please note I work to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

Within the c-section massage we will:

  • work on and around the scar and in other related areas, which will help to free up both the scar and the whole abdominal area
  • work on other areas of discomfort, e.g. the hips and lower back
  • restore optimal breathing and movement patterns
  • reconnect you to your core and pelvic floor
  • I may use some specially designed massage tools to help release the tissues
  • The massage will always be very gentle

Scar Massage- 1st Appointment

75 mins

1 hr 15 min session including a 15 minute consultation

Location: Thornton Way, Girton- Address given on booking

Follow up Scar Massage

50 mins

A follow on appointment to your first scar massage session

Location: Thornton Way, Girton- Address given on booking

3 Scar Massage Package

1x 75 mins + 2 x 50 mins

Your first scar massage appointment at 75 mins followed by two 50 mins treatments

Location: Thornton Way, Girton- Address given on booking

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I wear?

    Come wearing clothes you are comfortable in.   Within the assessment I may ask you to perform some gentle movement to check imbalances/ posture. Within the massage it is preferable that you wear underwear, with a bra that is easy to undo when lying on your tummy. You will be covered by a towel/sheet at all times, except for the area being massaged. Please bare in mind you may have some wax/ lotion on your skin after the session, so maybe don’t wear your best clothes.

    We have a delicious heated blanket so you can really relax, let go and enjoy the experience.

  • Where can I park?

    You can park on our driveway and should there be no available space there is plenty of on street parking just outside our house.

  • Does the 60 minutes include the assessment?

    Yes it does. Depending on whether I have seen you before this can take 10-15 minutes whilst we try and establish what is going on with your body, and how we can best help make a difference.

  • What if I have to cancel?

    Of course life happens and sometimes you may not be able to get to the session. All I ask is that I receive 24 hours notice, less than this and the fee will be non refundable.