What is the Menopause?

//What is the Menopause?

What is the Menopause?

How much do you know about the menopause apart from all the negative associations that we hear about? It’s something that all of us women (fingers crossed) will live long enough to go through.The Menopause itself is when you haven’t had a period for one year, so it’s just that one day really. Not too bad.The period we don’t often hear about is the peri-menopause where all the changes are starting to take place. The slowing down of the ovaries working, the transition period before the menopause where hormone production decreases.For many this can start around our mid 40s, for some earlier/later. You still have periods but they may start to become irregular or lighter/heavier than you are used to.The average age for going through the menopause is 51, so that’s a fair few years right there of hormones shifting and possible symptoms.The great news is there is so much we can do to help with this period in our lives and I will be posting some useful tips that have been known to help.Is this a period in your life you have thought much about?

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