Barre, Breathe and Bathe Day Retreat

Barre, Breathe and Bathe Retreat

Sunday 9t October | 10-5pm | £117 | at PAUS.

Barre, Breathe and Bathe Retreat

Sunday 9th October | 10-5pm | £117 | at PAUS.

With Nikki Baring

NOW SOLD OUT- Please get in touch for waiting list

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Come and join me

This will be my second time holding a retreat day at PAUS after the first was such a wonderful day. PAUS is an ideal venue because it is the perfect place location to connect. With ourselves, our senses and others.

We will come together in the studio for a revitalising Barre session and some replenishing release and breathe work, resulting in a body/ mind that is realigned and rebalanced.

We will then make our way up to the hilltop Bistro for a home cooked plant based meal.

You can then relax in open-air, wood-fired, red cedar hot tubs. Unwind and recharge in authentic Finnish barrel saunas. Celebrate the outdoors through sensory experiences by taking in walk in the meadows or reading a book in a hammock. Reconnect with nature within 24 acres of rolling countryside. Take some time for yourself.

In nature, a time to forget the noise and move inwards.

Breathe and reflect.

‘The body is a sacred garment, it’s your first and last garment; it’s what you enter life in and what you depart life with and it should be treated with honour’  Martha Graham

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Barre, Breathe and Bathe

Break down of the day ( timings are subject to change)

A whole day retreating in 23 acres of beautiful rolling meadows at PAUS, Toft (Cambs), from 10am to 5pm

10am– Welcome with tea and coffee

10:15- Studio session|Barre: A revitalising barre movement session in the centre focusing on posture, balance and flexibility. The session will be low impact and combines ballet and pilates movement with an emphasis on pelvic floor, integrated breathing and core work.

 A short break

11:10- Studio session |Release, stretch and breathe: We will use simple ways to ‘release’ muscular tension that draw on self-massage and myofascial movement to get rid of tension within the body. Followed by some breath work practices aimed at balancing and soothing the nervous system.

12:00- refreshments and time to take a gentle walk in the meadows, read a book or sit and take in your surroundings.

12:30- A delicious plant based lunch. PAUS serve a set menu of wholesome, homemade food made using locally sourced ingredients. This will include a breaking platter, a main meal and a sharing platter of cakes (hot drinks are not included) They make their own cakes and support local bakers who supply their creations for you to enjoy at the hilltop. We use seasonal vegetables as much as possible which means that our menu changes regularly.

Relaxing in the meadows. Choose to try the sensory walk, read a book or find a hammock to enjoy.

Walking barefoot, also known as “earthing”, has gone from being a playful trend to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of remarkable health advantages for both mind and body. These benefits include: increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, decreasing stress or anxiety, and improving sleep.

Just half hour’s relaxation in a hammock each day can dramatically reduce your stress levels leaving you calm and focused. Hammocks have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of a variety of stress and sleep related disorders for people of all ages. The gentle, calming rocking motion of a hammock and the feeling of weightlessness can be a very effective type of relaxation therapy and is becoming widely used by therapists and relaxation centres.

2pm-5pm Enjoy the wood fired hot tubs, sauna and cool pool.
The bathing space at PAUS invites you to relax in red cedar, wood-fired hot tubs and saunas which are situated outdoors. Whilst your body regenerates and detoxifies immersed in hot water, you are also exposed to daylight, your lungs are filled with fresh, clean air and your eyes rest upon natural, green spaces. The benefits can be felt all year round – whatever the weather.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the refund policy?
    Due to the nature of this event and the T&Cs that the venue has 2 weeks notice needs to be given for a refund.
  • Is there parking at the venue?
    Yes, there is plenty of parking at the venue.
  • What do I need to bring.
    A mat, clothes you can move in, water for the studio session, a book and a bathing suit,  towel and flip flops for the hot tubs. We suggest you leave valuables at home.
  • What time is the event?
    The retreat starts at 10am
  • Is lunch included?
    Yes it is! We will send a menu to everyone the week before the event so people can select an option that is suitable. There are 3 courses ( including cake!)  Hot drinks are not included with the lunch, but are available to buy.
  • Venue Address & Directions

    PAUS. Toft Road. Cambridge, CB23 2TT

    Paus is located opposite the Bourn Golf & Country Club. If you’re coming through Longstowe/Bourn turn right just before the golf club. If you’re coming through Cambourne/Toft please turn left just after the golf club.


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