Hot Flush Fitness Project

Hot Flush Fitness Project

The Hot Flush Fitness Project is about exploring all the different ways we can support ourselves through midlife, so we can feel empowered, informed and are able to thrive.

Health & Fitness for Women

Supporting women to become the best version of themselves. Helping women find strength on their journey through motherhood and beyond.

A space for women in their midlife

I’m Nikki, a mother, Women’s Wellness Coach and owner of OptiMum P.T. in Cambridge.
I first started working in the fitness industry in 2000 after finishing my degree in Dance Performance. Sports and fitness have always been my passion, so after working as a dancer it felt like a natural progression to move into Personal Training. I worked with clients one to one and as a manager in several studios in London. I instructed classes from Spinning to Body Balance and couldn’t get enough! After 7 years of teaching back to back classes and clients, my body became fatigued and so I decided I needed a change. I retrained as a PE and Dance teacher with an aim to inspire children to look after their bodies and find joy in movement.

Your recipe ebooks

Nutrition is very important throughout midlife to encourage good gut health and balance hormones, so here are some recipe ebooks to get you started on making some delicious nutritious food.

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Feedback from a 1:1 Client

"Working with Nikki was the best decision I made after giving birth. She made me feel like myself again"