Silver Barre Workouts

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Welcome to OptiMum online. Here you will find access to all of your workouts.

Over 48 workouts to choose from, from 15 minute Barre minis, 20, 30 and 40 minute sessions and now 45min/1 hour workouts recorded from live classes.

These workouts are suitable for all, however if you are injured or with an existing health condition please check with your health professional before starting these workouts.

If you are pregnant or postnatal (and have had your Doctors check up), please check with your health provider that these workouts are suitable. Then please start with the simplest option and listen to your body.

Grab you chair and enjoy! Do let me know how you get on.

Nikki x

Barre technique basics

Barre Minis 15-20 minutes

20 minute Barre Blast workouts:

30 Minutes workouts

Studio workouts: 30 Minutes.

40 Minute Barre Workouts:

Bonus Workouts: 45 minute and 1 hour live classes filmed for you to enjoy at home.